Thursday, March 27, 2008

Comings and goings

Congratulations to Nick Tampio, who has accepted a tenure track position at Fordham University. He served Hamilton admirably as a visiting professor.

Congratulations to Peter Cannavo, who was hired in a national search for a newly authorized tenure track position in environmental politics. Peter will be on a research leave in 2008-2009, and the department is in the process of hiring a visiting professor to teach his courses.

After a term as Associate Dean of Students, Phil Klinkner will be on research leave in 2008-2009.

Carol Drogus continues her service as Associate Dean of Students. She will be replaced again next year by Shelley McConnell.

Cheng Li continues his leave at the Brookings Institution. He will be replaced again by Dingding Chen.

Frank Anechiarico will be teaching at the Air Force Academy in 2008-2009. He will be replaced by Morgan Marietta, who will teach Con Law, APP, Parties and Elections, and a new course called the Politics of the Supreme Court. .

Rob Martin will direct the Semester in Washington Program in fall, 2008. Ted Eismeier will direct the program in spring, 2009.

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